Pauly and the goodfellas

Only $25 Per Ticket!

  • When: Saturday, October 22nd
    (Doors open at 6:30pm)

    Where: WHS Auditorium

"THE HISTORY OF ROCK & ROLL" was born in America’s south; the musical child of gospel, ragtime, and the blues. It was first heard in the cotton fields, plantations and in the small towns and villages on both sides down the mighty Mississippi River. It was new, different, special, and held a beat and a feel that, once heard, could not be denied. It traveled up the Mississippi at a time when Americans were struggling to find their new identity after a depression, a war, and social upheaval that would change the face and sound of not just America, but the entire continent. This new sound transformed the lives of everyone who heard it, black and white, and it struck a musical chord deep in the heart of North American youth, who sang and danced it into the mainstream with a joy and a drive that could not be denied. That music was SOUL!

Soul transformed the American musical landscape and it became the sound of a new, youthful generation, bringing with it a fresh, funky sound that made it impossible to deny. With Soul’s arrival, North America saw and heard a new kind of entertainment, with Aretha Franklin, The Temptations, The Isley Brothers, Stevie Wonder, and a galaxy of other Soulful stars that took the continent by storm. That Soulful sound is still with us today, stronger and funkier than ever, and tonight we bring it to you live with all its excitement!